Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How many authors of color did you read in 08?

Linda Leigh Hargrove, author of Loving Cee Cee Johnson and The Making of Isaac Hunt is taking a survey on her blog Reconciling Faith and Race on 17seeds.com.

Good question, no?


Shauna Roberts said...

When I posted my results, I was surprised to discover that although 10 of the 52 books I've read this year (19%) were by people of color, I knew the authors of all but one of them. Clearly I need to keep reading this blog to find new books.

Lisa said...

I'm a dork, so I have the lists of books handy enough to pop into a spreadsheet:

Total books read: 64
Written by men: 40
Written by women: 24
Written by Asians: 2
Written by African Americans: 4
Written by White Americans: 43
Written by Europeans: 13
Written by Middle Eastern: 1
Collection of multiple: 1

Total books read: 47
Written by men: 31
Written by women: 16
Written by Asians: 0
Written by African Americans: 2
Written by White Americans: 34
Written by Europeans: 10
Written by Middle Eastern: 1

I’m a little surprised that the number of books I’ve read by non-white American authors is as low as it is and I realized that I do have quite a few other books I’ve purchased, but not read yet; however, I did start reading THE FALL OF ROME, by Martha Southgate last night. Very good so far.

Carleen Brice said...

Good for you both for reading ANY! And really, really good on you for wanting to expand your lists! See publishers: let them know about the books and they'll read them!

Anonymous said...

I am too disorganized to know how many books I have read, or what the author's demographic is. I can tell you what I read and liked, though.

My favorite book of 08 is Creative Living, by MLK Jr.

I will ring in 09 reading Song Yet Sung. The first sentence hooked me. Thanks for the tip!

I have given Orange Mint and Honey to three nonblack people so far.

A Paperback Writer said...

Most of the time I don't really think about what color someone is when I read their book. However, I pick up Hispanic authors fairly often because I have a minor in Spanish and teach at a school with a high Hispanic population. One of the genres that each of my 7th graders MUST read each year is what I call "multi-cultural." I tell the kids they must choose a novel about someone who hasn't got the same ethnic background they do. Most of the kids choose books ABOUT African-Americans or Native Americans because, quite frankly, we don't have many students from either group. I've never checked to see if ALL the books about Black kids are by Black authors -- I rather hope so.
Having done my MSc in Scotland, I tend to read a lot of books by Scottish authors, who are considered a minority in the UK lit world.
Thanks to this blog, I will now make more conscious choices of Black authors.
I promise to let you know if I review a book by a Black author on my blog! :)

Aaron said...

I read Clarence Thomas's autobiography which was spectacular. I checked out a dusty old book of Zora Neale Hurston's (Their Eyes Were Watching God) that contained a collection of her short stories. Great stuff.