Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's next?

Is anybody thinking of anything else today? I know I'm not.

But I have been thinking about what comes next with this blog and our writer-in-chief President Obama's successes make me hopeful about the possibilities. Buy a Book by Somebody Black and Give it to Somebody Not Black Month is over (though, still free to buy and give) for this year. But I want to continue to call people's attention to black authors. Of course, Black History Month is just around the corner. That takes care of February, but what about the other 11 months of the year?
There will be more reviews, more guest bloggers, most suggested reads. But what else can we do?

One idea: a monthly contest!
Every month this blog will announce a "Welcome Read Pick of the Month," a book by a black author (never me) that I think people ought to know about. I'll blog a little about the book and pick names from a hat from all the commenters on that post and that person will get a free copy of the book. If I can get one from the publisher, I will, if not I'll buy it with my own $.
Speaking of contests, Shauna Roberts is the winner of the free, signed copy of GOING DOWN SOUTH. Congrats, Shauna!

Another idea: in-store events!
Some writers and I are hoping to put together a day of events in various cities across the country in which black authors do readings and/or book-signings. Stay tuned for deets. If you have suggestions or want to participate (either as an author or book-seller or librarian or book-club), let us know.

Another idea: bringing white and black readers together!
Book Maven Tee C. Royal, Ali from the blog Diversity Rocks! and I are working on a way to bring black and white readers together to read books that aren't based on race, but feature a diversity of authors. Interested in participating? Let me know.

Other ideas? Let me hear them.

In the meantime, Happy Inauguration Day and cheers to the audacity of hope!


Lisa said...

I've been wondering what would be next and glad to hear you've got some interesting ideas lining up. I'm interested in new projects and events, although to be honest, I've become very much interested in the books I've read that do deal with race.

And nope. I can't think of anything but tomorrow (today now?) either :)

merc3069 said...

I am always interested in anything that promotes reading. Let me know;-)

Patricia W. said...

Sound like some great ideas. Look forward to seeing them play out.

Travis Erwin said...

On this great day in history let me say thank you for being great yourself. The donation you made to the brick fund on behalf of my family and me has been a true blessing. I can't imagine how much harder starting over would be without the support of so many friends, so thank you.

Shauna Roberts said...

Yippee! I won Going Down South! I've been missing the South, so I'm looking forward to reading the book and feeling at home. Do you still have my address or should I send it to you?

Oh, and I might be interested in the regular book discussion group(s), depending on the logistics of it.

Execumama said...

Great ideas! We really do need to support this movement of promoting Black authors, and I'm glad you're using your blog as a forum to do so!!

Frederick Smith said...

I've been glued to the television all day with the Inauguration.

As for the book/reading events, if you're interested in L.A. I can get some space and something organized at a college setting. Email me at fsmith827 at gmail dot com.

Claudia said...

I recently discovered a blog that compiles nothing but lists about books(http://www.flashlightworthybooks.com). Why not borrow this idea to compile or solicit monthly "Top 10" lists about provocative and unusual book topics? Examples could include: Best black novels with child narrators; Most memorable white characters in black fiction; Worst mothers; best sex scenes, most surprising ending...

Just a thought!

Moanerplicity said...

I've read this book back in the early days of the campaign. Reading about his life and times was a selling point that inspired me to cast my vote for him.

BTW: When you find some free time, please stop by my page to pick up your AWARD! Yes, you're a winner!

Snatch JOY!



James Kalipha said...

President Obama brought a major change with regards to racism. He proves that color or race isn't an issue for those who wants to serve America.

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