Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest blogger Lauren Fitata reviews Unsigned Hype

We have a guest blogger today: Lauren Fitata, a young lady with a book review. Please leave Lauren a comment to let her know if you found her review informative. She gives Unsigned Hype 3.5 stars and has this to say:

Unsigned Hype
By Booker T. Mattison
I would say that this is an average book, it was great in some parts and sometimes it was just went down a little. It's not really the type of book I would have chosen for recreational reading but I'm not lying, it was an interesting story. In some parts of the book I liked when Tory was deejaying at the block parties. Sometimes interesting things happened. Like when they heard gun shots and he bent down to protect Precious (His friend).

The book made me feel...happy, in some ways, and kinda scared and anxious when bad things happened. The book made me think about the things that happens in the hood, like when Tory's dad died before he was born because of a gang who beat him to death.

The story is about a 15 year old DJ that produces music and mixes up beats with old school music from waaaay before he was born. His partner is Fat mike who takes credit of all the music since Tory is to young to do this. When they win the first challenge in the contest of the Unsigned Hype, they get to meet Mixmastermagic, which is the host of the contest and host of the famous radio station Power 97. In the last round, Tory's opponent, BANGUPBLACK wins the first round of the contest, and they end up being partners for the last show together. Bangup is the rapper, and Tory is the producer of the music. In the end they all get to be what they've wanted to do all their life, Be A Famous Music Star!

Let me tell you a little about the main characters: Tory, BangupBlack, Mixmastermagic, Precious Lord, and her father, Mr. Lord.

Tory, the main character in the story, is a fifteen year old, goin' on sixteen, with a dream of becoming a famous producer of music. BangupBlack is a rapper who won the Unsigned Hype contest. Mixmastermagic, is the host of the Unsigned Hype, and he's also host of his show on Power 97. Precious Lord is Tory's friend from church, she is very polite with Tory, and He falls in love the moment he lays his eyes on her.Mr. Lord, Preciou's father, is technically Tory's ticket to being able to go to the Unsigned Hype, and his teacher.I think this would be good for readers who like recreational books, since it has somthing to do with music. The grade level should be around, middle school, I guess, from 5-8th grade, I would say, so you can understand it. Well that was all I could think of, and again, I really liked most of it! I give it three and a half stars!


Doret said...

Great review, thank you. A 15 yr old protag. I will have to check this out. It's always good when a book makes you feel happy.

Lyn Miller-Lachmann said...

We're sending this book out for review in MultiCultural Review, but I had it on the adult shelf. Is it published as YA?

Carleen Brice said...

I believe it's YA.

Booker T Mattison said...

Hi, this is Booker T. Mattison, author of Unsigned Hype. Yes, it is YA, but has been well received by those much older. Essentially, if you're a part of the hip hop generation (Pete Rock, of Pete Rock and CL Smooth fame, thought it was a "great story") you will dig it. Unsigned Hype has been featured in Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Black Beat magazine, the AALBC newsletter and will be featured in the Sept. issue of Source magazine. If you would like to read more reviews, please visit my website www.bookertmattison.com


Evy said...

Way to go Lauren! Congrats on your first review. I think the reveiw is helpful in giving the reading a "snipet" of the story without giving too much away.