Saturday, February 13, 2010

RIP Lucille Clifton

  1. Poet Lucille Clifton has died.
    In memory
    New Bones by Lucille Clifton
    we will wearnew bones again. we will leavethese rainy days. break out through another mouthinto sun and honey timeworlds buzz over us like bees,we be splendid in new bones.other people think they knowhow long life ishow strong life iswe know.


susan said...

My bones ache right now. I have a Clifton poem posted on my cubby wall at work now.

Why does hurt hard every time?

Jacqui said...

This is such a loss. I found her through her books and stories for children first, and they are marvelous, especially Three Wishes.

Pamala Knight said...

This is such a loss. Thank goodness we have Ms. Clifton's words to sustain us in her absence. RIP Ms. Lucille. I'm sure they're waiting for you in the heavens, glad to see one of their own.

evelyn.n.alfred said...


Lovelyn said...

Ms. Clifton's poems inspired me to write poetry when I was in college. I love her work. She will be missed.

Mama C/Catherine said...

Thank you for publishing this poem here. The music in her poetry has already enchanted me. I'll bring this poem to my students next week (6-7-8) to help keep her voice ringing loud for another generation.