Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Black authors live and in person!

Some friends and I had the opportunity to meet Heidi Durrow and Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant when they visited Denver last week. Unfortunately, I spent a quick minute with Heidi before I had to dash to my own book club event and didn't get pictures! But I did get pictures of Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant's visit.

Not many authors get tours from their publishers these days and fewer still can afford to send themselves around the country. So when they do show up at a book store in your city, please collect a friend or two and go out and support them. For writers, attending signings is a great opportunity to ask questions about craft and the biz.

Besides asking at your bookstore, looking in the paper and checking the website of your favorite authors to see if they're coming to your city, you can also meet authors at conferences and book festivals. Here are just a few opportunities to meet some of your favorites or learn about writers new to you:

The National Black Book Festival is May 21-23 in Houston.
NAACP Authors' Pavilion at the NAACP conference is July 10-15 in Kansas City, MO.
The California Book Club Summit is September 9-12 in San Ramon.
The Congressional Black Caucus hosts its Authors Pavilion September 15-18 in Washington, DC.

I'm heading to the Virginia Festival of the Book this weekend where I'll be on panels with Heidi, Adam Bradley, Major Jackson and others. Look for pictures next week!

Authors, if you're on tour and want to let readers know about your dates, feel free to leave it in the comments.


evelyn.n.alfred said...

So authors don't mind being asked questions about craft and the writing biz at signings? I would have never known that was an okay question to ask.

What question do authors hate the most (so I can avoid it)?

Carleen Brice said...

I don't mind it and I've been to lots of signings where people ask those kinds of questions. As far as the question that's most hated...don't know. Probably the ones that Mat Johnson said in his YouTube video! A must-watch by the way.

Blasé said...

I'd go without Chocolate Cake for a week just to meet those two...

Doret said...

So who is who in the picture?

I've thought if writers are going to ask author's craft questions at a signing, they should buy a book. Though two questions could be free,any more time to support.

Carleen Brice said...

Blase, that is serious! LOL
Doret, I think you should always buy the book! Virginia is on the left, Donna on the right.

Doret said...

Carleen, so do I but that's not going to happen.

I just wish people would at least understand out tacky it is to attend a booksigning and ask the author a ton questions about getting publish, with no thoughts of actually buying the book.

Carleen Brice said...

From my POV as an author, you never know who might buy the book later or check it out from the library (which buys books). Maybe folks don't have the $ that night, but will remember it later. Am I hopelessly naive? :)

Doret said...

If they don't have the money that night, they should limit themselves to two questions.

You aren't naive, just hopeful which is a very good think to be.

I think my years of working at a bookstore is finally getting to me, I've become jaded.

Ammanuel said...

Great blog. I'll put this in my keepers list. :)
As a new self-pub author, I can appreciate what you're sharing. Do you iknow the one question I don't really like, but I'll answer anyway.
"So who's your publisher?" Now, in my case, I'm my own publisher, but I get the feeling sometimes that people frown at that.
I guess I could have continued to pitch my manuscript and waited for a response, but I knew the book was read and would do well. And I'm not dissapointed.
My book Even Angels Need Miracles is selling on my web site and I'm getting strong feedback. Again, I don't mind talking to readers and potential readers at all anytime, it's just that awkward look that comes when I answer. I'm a self published author. :)
If interested in checking out my book or the book trailer please see www.moorenovels.com

Katrina L. Burchett said...

Hey Carleen:
I'm publisher and author of Choices, young adult fiction for mature readers, and I sure can't afford to send myself around the country. Even if I could, though, I've always been reserved (working on that) so I don't really want much attention but I'd love my book to get plenty of attention (meaning many readers;)
I found the courage to attend an event last year,though, and I plan to attend another next month. So if anyone will be in the Richmond, Virginia area on April 17th please stop by The RWA Bookclub 2010 Author's Pavilion at Virginia Center Commons Mall - Time: 12-7
Thanks for allowing me to share, Carleen :)