Tuesday, May 4, 2010


One of my favorite book bloggers is the Happy Nappy Bookseller. She usually writes about children's & YA books, but she also reads adult fiction. She sent in this review of From Cape Town With Love by Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due & Blair Underwood. I'm reading an advanced copy now and getting a kick out of it.

Please check out the Happy Nappy Bookseller's blog and do check out the Tennyson Hardwick books (watch for upcoming webisodes too!). Everything below is from the Happy Nappy Bookseller:

This is the third Tennyson Hardwick mystery. In the first one, Cassanegra, published in 2007,Tennyson (Ten) is the prime suspect in the murder of a close friend. To clear his name Ten must find the real killer. Prior to that acquisition Ten was getting his life back together. He stopped having sex with women for money and was looking to become a sort after LA actor once again After Ten realizes he has what it takes to be a detective. Tennyson Hardwick is smart, handsome, trained in martial arts and has inherited some his dad's, a retired police captain ability. 

In From Cape Town With Love - Ten goes to South Africa to win back his girlfriend's heart back. The two take a trip to Cape Town. The writing places the reader firmly in South Africa and Cape Town. While in Cape Town, Ten accepts a job to bodyguard, Sofia Maitlin, a famous actress while she visits an orphanage to adopt a child. Sofia calls hire Ten again to be work, Nandi. her daughter's A list L.A birthday party. 

When Nandi is kidnapped, Ten is the only one who has the skills and connections to get her back. He gets to showcase some of his martial art skills. It's obvious a lot of research went into discussing various martial styles from around the world. 

From Cape Town With Love is exciting, sexy and intense. Two best selling authors and an award winning actor have come together to create a series with quality writing and great action. I could definitely see Tennyson Hardwick on the big screen. This is no accident, do check out what Underwood, Due and Barnes have to say about this wonderful series and the roll they play.

Read an excerpt via Tananarive Due's site. From Cape Town With Love will be released May 18. I highly recommend reading the Tennyson Hardwick novels in order. Cassanegra and In the Night of the Heat are both out in paper back.


wdjenkins1 said...

"Cassanegra" was very good and "In the Night of the Heat" was even better. Both books are unapologetically sexual (in a good way), but I love Steven Barnes' comment that these books are an answer to the totally asexual black leading man in Hollywood. I am really looking forward to "From Cape Town With Love". (And I really hope that Tennyson gets his girlfriend back!)

Demon Hunter said...


An ARC? I'm jealous. ;-) I sooo have to catch up and go read all 3 books. I look forward to it. They've been on my TBR pile for a while.

And Blair is still gorgeous 24 years later. :-D

Carleen Brice said...

Ms Demon Hunter, I know! It's a delicious, unexpected side effect of blogging: I get ARCs!

That Teowonna! said...

I went to Blair Underwood's book signing in Columbia, SC. I was all set to let him have it about the vook idea. But you'll never guess what happened. I wrote a blog about it... www.thatteowonna.com. A few days later, guess who stopped by my blog and left a comment!