Monday, October 8, 2012

RIP Dee Stewart, aka Miranda Parker

Dee Stewart, co-founder of Twitter's Black Lit Chat and author of the Angel Crawford Series (as Miranda Parker), passed away last week.

Dee was a sweet soul filled with kindness and good humor. I enjoyed getting to know her some over the years. Mostly online, but I was fortunate enough to meet her last year at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta. I'm very saddened by her loss and send my condolences to her daughter and the rest of her family. I hope when they are able, they will read the many tributes on Dee's Facebook page and on blogs to see how much she meant as a writer and an advocate for writers and as a person to so many people.

Sadly, I never did a "Meet Miranda Parker" interview here, but here's a good one on the Reads For Pleasure blog. Dee did write a blog post for this blog on her favorite romance novels.

May she rest in peace.