Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TV gets in on the Obama action

Lots of writers have been talking about a hoped-for "Obama effect" on sales of books by black authors. Post-Obama, race isn't just on the minds of writers. NBC is developing a sitcom based on the book Making Friends with Black People. We know how Hollywood likes to steal, er, build on ideas. Hey ABC, CBS and FOX, how about a show called Making Friends with Black Authors? A white reader (or bookseller) meets a black writer and hilarity and warmth ensue. Any takers?

Thanks to thegritsbookclub for the link to this story.


Simply Said Reading Accessories said...

Great Post!!!!
I have been turning my co-workers on to GREAT BLACK BOOKS FOR YEARS. They have gone from borrowing to buying on their own,, WOOOO WOOO!! I do agree that now that Barack Obama has been elected, whites will explore OUR books more so now. To me it's like trying a different food, a different favor that you may find out you love. And may become a favorite. I strongly opposed having an African American section in bookstores, because it is segration, and limits others to explore other wonderful writers. As for Tina McElroy Ansa... The Hand I Fan With is a MOST READ. This book is EXCELLENT, my fave of all times. If you love romance Please try Donna Hill, she is FABULOUS and has over 50 books under her belt. I can go on forever but I'll stop here, closing with this...... We african Americans have been buying books by white authors forever, they can read us too.
Just My 2 Cents
Debra Owsley

Carleen Brice said...

Go Debra! That's what we like to hear!