Tuesday, July 6, 2010


BrownGirl Speaks is hosting the African Diaspora Readathon this coming Saturday (July 10). 12 hours of reading books by authors of African descent. Participants can check in with each other and hear about good books from one another. Also, Ms. BrownGirl will be giving away a prize (to be announced the day of the readathon).

If that doesn't sound great enough, she recommends making a donation to the charity of their choice as part of the Readathon. So like give $5 or $10 for every hour you read.

Cheers to you, BrownGirl for a great idea!

A suggestion for the readathon: you can definitely finish A Taste of Honey by Jabari Asim in 12 hours and it will be a day spent with wonderfully funny and warm people. (When you're done, go over to Amazon and leave a review.)

Here's a quote:

"As soon as I decided to have a crush on Polly she had to go and change my mind. Shom said it's just as well because fat girls ain't worth a pretty boy's time. Of course he was talking about himself, not me. He said he wouldn't give the time of day to her even if she had been as fine as Diahann Carroll because he could never trust a black girl named Polly. This from a black boy named Schomburg."


Tea said...

I'm waiting for A Taste....Honey to come in the mail. I hope it comes before Saturday. I have the Diaspora on my blog. It won't click for some reason over to Brown Girl's place. I need to go see what's wrong. There is always daffy goings on on my blog because I do stuff by trial and error.

Love your blog. You know I'm black.

Tea said...

Love that video. It's some soul goin' on up in here.Yeah!

Ernessa T. Carter said...

Just downloaded A TASTE OF HONEY. Will try to get some reading in on Saturday and suggest that our FaN readers do the same!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I got some reading in of Who Fears Death. Still haven't finished, working on it.

What did you read?

Carleen Brice said...

I finished rereading ON BEAUTY by Zadie Smith. But I didn't get in anywhere near 12 hours. God, I love that book!

Tea said...

For the readathon I started reading Forest Gate by Peter Akinti. It's really a powerful book. I can't wait to finish it.