Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Honor the memory of L.A. Banks

Yesterday, L.A. Banks, author of fantasy, romance and YA novels, passed away. Her writer friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter were devastated. Two of them Lutishia Lovely and Victoria Christopher Murray came up with an idea for people to honor her: on Friday, August 5th, buy her latest book Surrender the Dark on Amazon.

Of course, please purchase all her books and please feel free to get them where you like to buy books. The idea with Amazon is that if everybody goes to one place at the same time, it will drive the ratings and put her book on top. As Lutishia said yesterday, she was #1 to us, let's make her #1 one more time.

If you're in Philly, The Liars Club of writers is hosting an event Saturday, August 6th to raise money to help cover her medical costs.

Rest in peace Leslie Esdaile Banks.


Sidne said...

I was deeply sadden of this news. thanks i too did a pg on my blog in her honor.

Anonymous said...
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