Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway Day 4: Win Panther Baby!

The winner of Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies is As the Page Turns. Congratulations! Thanks everybody for your comments and posts and tweets all week!

We finish up Giveaway Week with Panther Baby by Jamal Joseph, Panther, poet, prisoner, professor and Oscar nominee. (How's that for a curriculum vitae?) It's a memoir about coming of age during the Black Panther movement, which Kirkus called "an inspiring, unapologetic account of his transformation from armed revolutionary to revolutionary artist." For more about the book (supplied by Algonquin), watch the (great!) trailer below.

And read an excerpt here. If you'd like to win a copy, leave a comment below. I'll announce the winner (chosen at random) tomorrow morning...unless power goes out. Denver's getting hit with a monster snowstorm!


Carl Scott said...

I've heard quite a bit about Panther Baby. While I an somewhat aware of the work of the BPP in the black communities in the 60s and 70s I would like to know more and Joseph's story sounds like an especially good one.
Please enter my name to win a copy.
Good luck with the wintry weather, drive carefully.

Gayle Gardner Lin said...

The trailer was the deciding point for me. I feel the more we understand where each other is coming from, the easier it will be to progress together.
When I saw that books were used as weapons, I fell right in line.
Please enter my name.

Josh said...

Omg, this excerpt is killing it.

(Enter me, pretty plz)

Marian said...

Read the excerpt and definitely will read the whole book. From the library if I don't win it. BTW I'm a white woman who loves black authors, and so is my daughter in law.

Sidne said...

love the selected reading. book is a got to read.

Carleen Brice said...

Sidne, you won Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies, so I'm sorry to say you're ineligible for this book. But congrats on your win!