Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Calling guest bloggers

This blog needs you. It might come as a shock, but I haven't read every book by every black author. I am not an expert in black literature (or any kind of literature for that matter). But I do love matching people with books. I'm an old bookseller at heart (I used to work here and here, and I also worked my way through college here).
I believe that more books by black authors deserve a wider readership. And call me crazy, but I believe it's possible for that to happen.

I want this blog to get it right. To do that, I'd love to have input from readers and writers and people who love books. Got an idea for a subject to discuss? Know of a great book everybody should read and can make a case for why? Please send me reviews, essays, comments, suggestions.


Tyhitia Green said...

Okay, I so need to get something together and e-mail you.

Carleen Brice said...

Send it on!

steve on the slow train said...

Carleen, Lisa Kenney sent me over here after I mentioned "A Place to Be Someone: Growing Up with Charles Gordone," by Shirley Gordon Jackson. Back when I was writing a column for the Elkhart, IN Truth, I learned that the first African American to win the Pulitzer prize for drama had grown up there. Mrs. Jackson very graciously mentioned me in the acknowledgements for the the rather small amount of help I was able to give her.

Once I finish reading the book, I hope to do a guest post here.

Karen L. Simpson said...

I'm in. I sent an email with my contribution. will work on others.