Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heads up!

New books and upcoming releases:

Don't forget J. California Cooper's latest Life is Short But Wide is out today!

That Devil's No Friend of Mine by JD Mason just hit!

Finding Me by Darnella Ford looks good.

Other new books and upcoming releases that look good (including the Book of Night Women by Marlon James and Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead).

Blogger Donna Bennett has a good list of 2009 releases too.

APOOO's list of books they're reading this month.

Kiss The Sky by Farai Chideya looks like a winner. Out in May; available for pre-order now. Here's the synopsis:

Sophie Maria Clare Lee doesn't have the résumé of a rock star. She grew up a book-smart black girl in blue-collar Baltimore, then remade herself at Harvard into a hipster with an appetite for self-destructive men. One of them is the mesmerizing Ari Klein, a charismatic and handsome black-biracial trust-fund baby. Ari is her Harvard classmate, the man she toured America with as part of an indie rock band right after college, and -- by the time we meet Sophie at the start of the novel -- her ex-husband.

Ten years after graduation, Sophie has made a career as a music television host in Manhattan. But she's grown restless of interviewing pop culture icons and wannabes enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame. Spurred into a one-night musical reunion with Ari in order to help a friend, Sophie decides it's time to stop playing the good girl and snatch back the mic. She wants to be the next "It girl" in the music media circuit.

Sophie has the talent and drive to take her game to the next level despite the odds. She lands a record deal -- with the help of a new manager and paramour, Leo Masters -- but quickly discovers that her celebrity status brings new risks for her sense of self and even her safety. As she and Ari begin to play music together again, Sophie, Leo, and Ari also enter a complicated love triangle. It puts her in personal jeopardy just as she's beginning to achieve commercial success. With a Greek chorus of advice from her two best girlfriends from Harvard, Sophie tries to figure out how she relates to these two men, the music business, her loving but demanding extended family, and her penchant for alcohol and melancholy. As the band tours America, Europe, and Africa, will Sophie's faith, family, and friendships crumble under the weight of her dogged fight for fame?

And new on my radar screen (even though she was published a while ago), thanks to AALBC.com, is author Nina Revoyr, who has 2 novels about Japanese-American & African-American relationships. Southland really sounds interesting.


Frederick Smith said...

Thanks for the heads up on these new books. I'm definitely getting J. California Cooper's, and that one about the music star/Harvard grads sounds good too.

Nina Revoyr's Southland is a major hit here in the L.A. area. It's pretty reflective of the ethnic dynamics of Southern California. Hope you get to check it out.

Doret said...

Finding Me and Kiss the Sky both sound really good. And I loved Sag Harbor.

Yasmin said...

Doret Finding Me was a good read...and I'm looking forward to reading Sag Harbor.

susan said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

I have not been able to successfully use the 'create a link' feature. No problem adding links in the body of the posts but if anyone could help me to get the 'create' feature to work, I'd really appreciate it.