Friday, July 24, 2009

RIP E. Lynn Harris

In his honor I'm re-running my brief post from when E. Lynn Harris was in town to promote his novel Basketball Jones. One of the things he said struck me. Paraphrasing him, he said, While I'm proud of all the adjectives used to describe me, I don't want to be limited to any kind of story. I want to write whatever kind of story God puts in my heart.


Toni Campbell said...

It's funny that you remember that. I recall him saying something similar to one of my customers. He did not like to be pigeon-holed! I will miss his weekly visits to my store when he was in town :(

Doret said...

When my manager told us the news over the radio. I couldn't believe it and felt this loss because he shopped in the bookstore I work at. I enjoyed hearing Toni's E Lynn Harris stories. Not because he was a bestselling author, but b/c he was a very nice customer. With all the stuff booksellers deal with, it nice when we can take a moment to share stories about customers who make us smile when they come in. I will miss seeing E Lynn Harris on Sunday. My heart hurts.

Rebecca Hickman said...

Very sad news. It's heartbreaking to go back and read his memoir about his suicidal early years, for I'm sure that he would have prefered to live this time around.