Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Argh! It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week

That's my attempt at pirate talk. Why? Because as part of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I've been matched with The Book Pirate. We interviewed each other and today I'm running his interview.

Congratulations to all the BBAW Award winners! Please go over to see which of your favorite book bloggers won.

White Readers Meet Black Authors: What’s with the pirates?

The Book Pirate: I think the pirates mythology is pretty neat. The whole adventure seeking, treasure finding, swashbuckling to me seems like a pretty good time. I also one time dressed up like a pirate while working at Borders which lead to the creation of The Book Pirate persona.

WRMBA: Why do you blog about books? Does your blog have a mission or goal?

TBP: I blog about books because I find them interesting. I tend to read a wide range of books that a lot of readers may not have heard about. So one of the things I like to do is make others more aware of lesser known authors while at the same time, having fun with maintaining a blog. If I were to create a mission statement for my blog it would probably be something that states I blog about three things: Books, Pirates, and Writing.

WRMBA: What kinds of books do you blog about?

TBP: All kinds. I'm a big fan of satire novels so I am mainly drawn to those types of books. I like to keep an eye on smaller presses and see what books they have to offer. I tend to stay away from bestsellers. Also, as of late, I have been reading more graphic novels.

WRMBA: Who’s the audience for your blog?

TBP: In all honesty I have no clue. Ideally my audience would be people who like to read books similar to the ones that I do. Realistically, the people who visit my blog are probably my mom and a few other bloggers that I get along with. If I have other people out there reading, then they have not let me know they are.

WRMBA: You’re a book blogger and a book seller? You also write? What do you write and what’s going on in your writing career?

TBP: I use to work at Borders back in the day. Working there started my love of both books and pirates. After that it was a slippery slope and my degree in Video Game Art and Design changed to a degree in English. At the moment I am a senior at Portland State. If I have free time in between all my class work, I work on what every writer calls "my first novel". It's a slow process because I don't devote that much time to it at the moment.

WRMBA: What social media (if any) do you recommend? Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.?

TBP: Twitter and Facebook are a must in my opinion. They are useful tools for social networking and getting to know fellow readers/writers. I think every author should at least attempt to connect with their readers through at least one of these outlets. Goodreads I think is pretty neat but not essential. Recently I discovered Shelfari which I think it a pretty nifty site that can be used to display your book collection.