Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrate E. Lynn Harris!

Readers, authors and booksellers around the country will celebrate the release of E. Lynn Harris' final novel, Mama Dearest, on September 25. Check to see if there's an event in your town. Whether there is one or not, pick up a copy of Mama Dearest and help make this a #1 national bestseller in honor of E. Lynn Harris' life.

For locations on tribute events go here.

As always, I encourage you to shop locally, but I will link to BN.com (which features a great article about Harris) on this post because purchases there count toward the NY Times bestsellers list.


Unknown said...

It's like when Bebe Moore Campbell died. I'm still a bit in shock. I mean they can't even get into their 60s before they're gone. I've read almost all his books.

I wonder if the trilogy will one day be made into a movie or even a series?

Carleen Brice said...

I too am still in shock about Bebe! I'm just glad they had the opportunity to leave their work behind them.

Rachel said...

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